Vintage 2020 described by Philippe Bardet

10 September 2020

2020 is a VERY early vintage, the earliest of all times after 2003.
But let’s not be mistaken, it doesn’t look at all like 2003!

It is with no doubt yet another solar vintage, we have to get used to it now.
But, from spring to mid-July, it benefited from ideal conditions: sufficient water to develop fruits ; enough sunshine to get over flowering easily, and enough wind to avoid diseases…

Yet again, and like every year now, the mid-July to August period was VERY dry, immensely sunny with warm winds. Numerous grapes have withered, increasing their concentration, thus loosing a lot of juice. We have to lower down our volume forecasts initially too optimistic after our July controls.

Harvest started on August 24th for our earliest red vineyards with sometimes already advanced maturities. The acid balances remain good.
First juices are coloured and particularly « tasty ». Grapes have lots of berries this year. Our initial juice tastings look VERY promising: intense colour, fresh fruits, lots of character, straight and generous, no false note….

Grapes are in perfect sanitary conditions, no sorting of grapes is needed unless to put aside dried berries.
The vintage isn’t over yet, but it’s on a good path. After this chaotic and unexpected year, I am delighted with this nice surprise and confident.


Philippe Bardet, CEO of MAISON JEAN LORON