Cover planting in the vines

20 December 2021

The vines of Maison Jean Loron are mostly cover planting, that is to say that the grass grows between the rows.
Who says “grass”, says work of the soil like here. A few advantages of this technique in brief: improving the agronomic qualities of the soil and offering a structuring action to the soil. However, this technique requires great observation and gives satisfaction if soil work is carried out with rigor.
Grassing the plots after harvest prevents “winter leaching” of the vines, that is to say no pollution of the water and nitrogen that will be returned to the vines in spring.
Here in our Fleurie plot is a beautiful work of the soil carried out under the vine stock ! And the pruning will start soon …

We plan already 2022: the 2 cool months after the harvest have made it possible to prepare in good conditions, thanks to a mining work and sowing of cereals, the land for the vines that will be planted in 2022.

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