94+ by the Wine Advocate

1 October 2018

The Wine Advocate has awarded very good notes regarding the wines of the Domaine des Billards.
William Kelley, the new Beaujolais taster for this famous American guide initiated by Robert Parker, came to the estate to taste our wines in June 2018.
For him, our grape varital the Gamay Noir, is one of the most versatile varietals, and can produce superb wines in a variety of remarkable styles ...

SAINT-AMOUR Domaine des Billards 2017 : 90  
 SAINT-AMOUR Domaine des Billards 2016 : 93 on sale here
 SAINT-AMOUR Clos des Billards 2017 : 94
 SAINT-AMOUR Clos des Billards 2015 : 94+  : On sale here