Discover the mysteries of our bottles and corks

11 May 2020

Discover the secrets of our bottles and corks !

If wine bottles are tinted, it is because light is as important as temperature and humidity in the conservation of wines. Let’s find out why ! 

The light is an enemy of wine, it can deteriorate the aromas and create a “light taste” that is recognizable by an unpleasant smell of sulphur. In order to respect the original quality of our wines, we chose bottles with “cinnamon”, “antic” and “dry leaf” tints which perfectly protect the wine. As you can well imagine, it is better to keep your wines in a dark place until you open them. At Jean Loron, all our storage premises are equipped with amber light since 2019. It is a specific and calibrated light spectrum that doesn’t emit any light that could damage the wine.

The cork has a special place in the wine mysteries…

What is the use of the traditional cork ? To separate the wine from the ambiant air, but not only…The traditional cork is made from a porous material that allows a moderated oxygenation of the wine, which is very important for the evolution of the aromas inside the bottle through the years. The traditional corks have a certain influence on the wine and stays essential on our more complex wines that are designed to age a lot.

There are also new generation corks made from plant based material that are also used at Maison Jean Loron. Those synthetic corks are more neutral and also allow a correct conservation of the wines. Finally, we also have glass corks that are used to close hermetically a bottle that has been opened. It allows you to conserve the quality of the wine for up to 3 days after you opened it !

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