Our Environmentally-friendly Practices

14 September 2020

For many years, Maison Jean Loron has become fully aware of environmental issues. It has therefore embarked on new ecological approaches. These environmental changes apply to viticulture but also to the daily choices related to our activity.

Regarding our vineyard, all the estates of the Maison Jean Loron received, in 2020, the certification High Environmental Value Level III. It has also begun the process of converting 36ha of vines into organic farming and is planning a certified 2022 organic vintage.

Wanting to take part in wine innovations, Maison Jean Loron is a partner of the start-up Biomédé, which conducts scientific research on the phytoremediation process, namely reducing soil pollution by copper. Tests are underway on some of our plots.

This desire to minimize our ecological footprint is also expressed in concrete and daily actions. Thus, we have signed an agreement with the local water treatment plant to guarantee the treatment of 100% of our wine effluents. In addition, we recycle most of our waste (cardboard, plastics, metal, oils, etc.).

A complete renovation of the premises of the Maison Jean Loron (insulation of roofs, installation of solar panels …) has been carried out in order to maximize our energy optimization.

Finally, this attention to the environment is also reflected in the choice of our suppliers. We prioritize those that are local. Thus, for our regional appellations, we have adopted the ECOVA bottle, an eco-designed bottle with an optimized glass weight. The consequences are concrete: 15% less CO2 emissions in production and transport and 100% of the collected glass is recycled and recyclable to infinity.

Our caps, on the other hand, are mostly made of natural material.

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