In the footsteps of historic presses at Jean Loron

27 April 2023

The Maison Jean Loron has magnificent historic presses, in very good condition. You can discover them during your wine tours, in our freshly renovated press room !

To put you in the footsteps of these precious presses…

We have a « à grand point » mâconnais press, which appeared late in the 17th century and even in the 18th century. It was noticed by Jean Barbet and brought it to the Maison Jean Loron in 1976.  It owes its name to the popular language of Mâcon and its surroundings, the names of « point » and « poids » (weight) are a distortion of the words «poent» (powerful) and «poier» (power).

Maison Jean Loron also has a “à écureuil” press. It dates from the end of the 18th century and its the evolution of the « à roue perroquet » press.  It takes its name from the fact that, in order to spin the wheel with the aim of press the grapes, the men moved inside as a squirrel would do in a drum!

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Crédit Photo : Jules Travet