Les Obstinés : Promoting the LE PERREON terroir !

2 May 2024

Nestled in the heights of the village of LE PERREON, in the heart of the Beaujolais-Villages appellation, lies a wine-growing nugget. The vines, perched at an average altitude of 400 metres, require the use of a winch to harvest some of them, in order to bring the harvest up the slope.

Les Obstinés, a collaborative project launched in 2023 by three young cooperative winegrowers and Maison Jean Loron, represents a major contribution to the challenges of sustainable development and fair trade in the region. It is fully in line with the Maison’s policy of promoting the Beaujolais vineyards.

The Obstinés link

Yannick, Julien and Cédric fraternally unite their finest plots, vinified in isolation at the cooperative winery for Maison Jean Loron. These three plots, selected for their perfect ripeness on 14/09/2023, were harvested in whole bunches in a special vat. Under the supervision of one of our oenologists from Maison Jean Loron, maceration took place over 9 days with gentle extraction, reflecting the freshness and complexity of the terroirs on the heights of Le Perréon.

Old Vines, Tradition and Innovation

The vines are on average 40 years old, and the Picolet plot is even 80 years old. With the Picolet and Soutenant facing due south, and the Laveur facing south-east with a 35% slope, the harvest is carried out by hand in September, sometimes requiring the help of a winch to hoist the carriers to the top.

Les Obstinés embody the passion, commitment and dignity of the farmers who fervently cultivate their ancestral lands. With a constant concern for preservation, they help to safeguard the steep hillsides, guaranteeing the longevity and quality of the region’s wines.

This wine will be available to buy from the end of May from Maison Jean Loron. You can also find out more about this wine in the RVF article written by Laurent Gotti, available here.