Meetings and book signings on Saturday, April 9th

17 March 2022

On Saturday, April 9th, 2022 from 11am to 6pm, Maison Jean Loron’s boutique opens its doors for a cultural day focused on literature based on the Beaujolais region. Come and meet the authors inspired by this region to exchange with them and have your favorite books signed. We will welcome, among others, the authors André CORBAN known for his two thrillers “Murder in Beaujolais” and “L’aveyronnaise en Beaujolais” and Pierre Paul STEEN with his novel “Maud et le chêne de Saint-Rigaud, destinées beaujolaises”.

On the programme:
– Throughout the day: meeting the authors and signing sessions
– At 11am: presentation of Jean Pierre CHANTIN and his book “Le Beaujolais de A à Z” for all those who are fond of the region and wish to learn more about it through its history, its traditions, its appellations, etc.
– During the afternoon: the authors present for signing sessions will occasionally read their books for the public.
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