Our Manifesto, we are Jean Loron

11 February 2024

Maison Jean Loron is proud to announce the release of its manifesto, a document that marks a turning point in the history of our House. For over 300 years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing great terroir wines, while categorically refusing standardization. Today, we are speaking out to affirm our commitment to innovation, respect for the environment and the preservation of our exceptional terroirs.

“Long in the shadows, positioned as a luxury service provider for other clients, Maison Jean Loron has always defended the quality of its wines and claimed the exception of its terroirs. Although we have categorically refused standardization for over 300 years, today we are speaking up to assert our position loud and clear: The Nouveaux Grands Vins de Terroir. Our region is reinventing itself and whether in Lyon, Paris, London or New York, Beaujolais is referred to as “the must-see vineyard”, with elegant, fruity, fleshy wines, balanced and capable of evolving admirably over time. While there are many challenges we face to keep up with this encouraging momentum, the first one is to rebuild a modern vineyard that is able to cope with the reality of climate change. Respect for the environment is the cornerstone of this manifesto. The human environment first, because nothing is possible on its own. We owe it to our teams for being the leading player in Beaujolais wines. Secondly, the regional environment, because from the gates of Lyon to those of Mâcon, we can count on one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world, on a united industry and on a newfound pride. Finally, the environment in a broader sense, because we have an impact on the world in which we live and we want it to be as positive as possible.

We are Jean Loron. Together, we embody the Nouveaux Grands Vins de Terroir.” 


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