Recycling cork

22 March 2023

recyclage bouchons

“Recycling cork stoppers not only means repurposing waste and being involved in social and circular economy, but also preserving natural resources.

As wine producers, cork is an essential subject for us. In addition to its incredible qualities for preserving wine, it is also 100% recyclable! We have set up 2 collection points for everyone (even us) who opens bottles at home!

The collected cork stoppers are used for different purposes other than the food industry: insulation, design objects, shoes, floor. All the money raised will be used to fund cork oak planting in the Pyrénées Orientales. 

Did you know ?

The many qualities of cork have been recognized for a long time : liquid-proof, rot-proof, elastic and compressible…

One of its main qualities is controlled oxygenation. The tiny amount of air passing through makes cork essential for our most complex wines with great ageing potential.

Cork is the bark of cork oak. Only part of the bark is removed; the rest regenerates naturally.

Some trees are over 300 years old and give a beautiful cork bark every 9 years minimum.”

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