5 July 2024

Rémi Barroux, Stéphane Davet, Laure Gaspasrotto and Ophélie Neiman have tasted nearly two hundred rosés from Provence and beyond. They have selected fifty-two of them, at all price levels – enough to make for a great summer !

We are delighted to announce that our wine Rift 69 Gamay noir Rosé 2023 has been selected for the prestigious list of the best rosés in France by “Le Monde” magazine.

Several million years ago, the formation of a “rift”, a North-South fault in the earth’s crust, led to the creation of the Monts forming the Beaujolais region. The Gamay Noir expresses itself
The Gamay Noir grape expresses itself magnificently on these steep, complex terroirs formed of distinctive granitic, magmatic and metamorphic rocks.

RIFT 69 is made without adding any sulphites from harvest to bottling.

Maison Jean Loron, “Rift 69”, Beaujolais, 2023: “Made from Gamay Noir grapes, this Beaujolais rosé is a no-fuss wine, with plenty of freshness and a fine basket of fruit – red, white and citrus. It goes perfectly with salads, cold meats and quality cheeses.

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