Summer evening for Maison Jean Loron staff

24 July 2023

A simple get-together over a spit-roasted ham puts everyone on the same wavelength!

This evening, all the employees of Maison Jean Loron were able to get together and took this opportunity to present Pascal Millot with the Grand Or medal. He joined Maison Jean Loron in 1982! 40 years of career for Pascal. 40 years during which decades followed one another with their share of memories… Pascal started out in the cellar and ended up in the samples department. Congratulations to Pascal Millot for all these years of loyalty and for earning the Grand Or medal. A rare moment, one that is certainly less and less common, and one that all the company’s employees were able to witness!

Holidays are soon here for everyone – except the Boutique, where cellar visits and wine purchases remain possible all summer long: Visits / Our wines

See you Thursday 27/07 in our park for our last Afterwork of the season: Afterwork 27/07

We look forward to seeing you all at Jean Loron for future events such as: JEAN ET LA WINERY