Beaujolais Nouveau Day

20 November 2018

The Beaujolais Nouveaux 2018 arrived November 15: a unique opportunity to discover the Gamay Noir in its pure youth, a very pleasant explosion of fruits and melted tannins.

>> The Beaujolais Nouveau “Coccinelle” obtained a gold medal in the official Beaujolais Nouveau competition, the Oenologists Trophy of Lyon 2018.

Back on the harvest: The 2018 harvest reached perfect maturity thanks to an extremely favorable weather all of September. Sunshine, heat and drought: September’s weather allowed to take maturity to the point of perfection. We bet on patience by postponing the date of harvest and by extending the period of handpicking to ensure every plot had reached the ideal stage of aromatic and phenolic maturities.

The Nouveaux Wines are supple and joyful! To know where to find our Beaujolais Nouveaux, contact

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