Our vineyards at the end of May

3 June 2020

With a perfect winter outing in terms of water supply and a soft dry spring, the vine at this stage of the year is doing great. The works in our vines are numerous between the shearing and the work of the earth, mainly mechanical.
The regular rains of early May have brought a new reserve of water to face a warm and dry period right now, ideal as the vine flower blooms. The vine flower is hermaphrodite, it has the feature of having a fertilization without intervention of pollinators. The latter has become widespread in the vineyard of Beaujolais and Mâconnais since May 20, 100 days later should start the harvest. Of course, this is a perspective based on the weather conditions this summer. What is certain at this point is that the little clusters of grape look good on each vine. As for the likely harvest at the end of August in Beaujolais and Mâconnais, it reminds us of a certain 2011 vintage that had experienced a similar situation…
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