Chardonnay Day

21 May 2020

Happy Chardonnay Day to all of you !

Today is the Chardonnay Day, a day where a day that celebrates the most iconic grape variety of the Mâconnais region ! This is a grape that occupies an important place in the heart of Maison Jean Loron who magnifies it since 1711 in order to make the Mâconnais terroir shine. It is the perfect occasion to speak about the origins of the noble grape that Chardonnay is !

Where does Chardonnay come from ?

To understand the history and the origins of Chardonnay you have to travel to Burgundy and more precisely to the village called… Chardonnay ! For most historians this vine was created at the end of the Middle Ages from a breeding between the grape varieties of “pinot” and “gouais blanc”. The village of Chardonnay, situated in the northern part of the Mâconnais, seems to confirm the Burgundy origins of this grape. In fact Chardonnay was first cultivated there by the monks of the Cluny Abbey before it spread to the rest of Burgundy and the rest of the world.

Chardonnay from Chardonnay

Nowadays, you can still find vineyards at the Chardonnay village and people are still honoring the heritage from the Cluny monks. Maison Jean Loron, by its bond to the Mâconnais terroir and its history, couldn’t allow itself to not contribute to the survival of the history of Chardonnay and that is why it produces there its “Chardonnay de Chardonnay”. A generous and elegant wine with an expressive nose that offers aromas of white fruit (peach, pear). Round an well balanced, it has a pleasant persistant finish.