Unique in Beaujolais : UV Flash method

17 May 2022


Unique in Beaujolais, the 1st trials to protect the vineyard by “UVc flash method” began in a plot of Château de la Pierre in BROUILLY’s vineyard.

This innovative purely physical technique (non-chemical) is developed by the French company UV BOOSTING. With the support of the company RICHY, the equipment is made available to us to carry out our tests.
Here is a complementary way to fight diseases such as mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis. Purely preventive, this UVc flash method could make plants more resistant by stimulating their natural defense system.Maison Jean Loron is constantly on standby to detect alternative methods to be implemented in its vineyard plots. This is the case with this new technology serving the environment. To know more about our Environmental politic :