This cru is the largest in Beaujolais, and has mixed geology. Brouilly vines form a belt around Mont Brouilly, an island standing out from the other Beaujolais Monts.

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The Bonnège plot shows great resilience every year. The wine brilliantly oscillates between power, freshness and elegance.

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Piémont soil originating from the metamorphic rock of Mont Brouilly formed 400 million years ago and called Blue Stone in the area.

Manual harvest, partial destemming followed by maceration for 15 days. Ageing on fine lees in stainless steel vats.

Brouilly is the Cru du Beaujolais covering the largest surface area. This Brouilly comes from the commune of Odenas, and its distinctive feature is the vineyard’s exposure with its slight northerly dip. Tasting reveals a round palate with a silky body and refreshing finish.

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Soil composed of weathered granite and decomposing “blue stones”.

Manual harvesting. Partial destemming followed by a 15-day maceration. Aged on fine lees in stainless steel vats.

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