In Saône-et-Loire, Saint-Amour is a commune with mixed soils producing wines with many different characteristics. The two restaurants in this evocatively named village are Michelin-starred.

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The wines of Le Clos des Billards are well structured and full of character with a bouquet of spices, peaches and blueberries.

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Located mid-slope on the southeastern side of the vineyard of Saint Amour at the place called “Les
Billards”. Piedmont soils and old alluvium, very clayey, hydromorphic with some zones on deep
and altered granite.

The traditional vinification period lasts over 20 days and the use of a weighted grill (called
“griddind”) keeps the “crust” submerged in the fermenting juice to better extract the tannins.

The lieu-dit of “Les Billards” is clearly demarcated, and the alchemy of soil, vines and human activity has turned it into a unique parcel with a rich history and heritage. This Saint-Amour has a soft, round attack with a persistent, generous structure and an indulgent finish.

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Located on the south-east mid-slope of the Saint-Amour vineyard in the lieu-dit of “Les Billards”. Piedmont soil and old alluvial deposits; heavy clay with some areas over very deeply weathered granite.

Traditional maceration then partly aged in barrels (three white wines), as well as in casks and cement vats for a minimum of six months.

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