At the north-western edge of Beaujolais, Juliénas is divided between 4 communes which are mainly in the Rhône. The average altitude varies between 230 and 430 metres with very diverse soils.

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This micro plot is known as a remarkable lieu-dit, it offers every year generous structure with lingering soft tannins.

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The 1.50 ha clos at the entrance of the village of Juliénas, Le Clos des Poulettes, benefits from the favourable effects of Blue Stone, a very resilient soil. Slight slope, south-east exposure.

A 3 week long maceration process and ageing on fine lees in stainless steel vats make it a complex wine with a great ageing potential.

Every day the winemaker, Pascal Granger, works in this “high place” where wine lovers have replaced the faithful. Not far from the centre of the village where the estate is located, the perfectly matured Gamay Noir grapes produce a wine with a crisp structure and silky tannins – a truly indulgent wine.

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The parcels face south/south-east and were planted more than thirty years ago. Each lies over very weathered blue rock.

Harvesting is done exclusively by hand. Vinification is carried out with a percentage of destemmed grapes followed by a long maceration.

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