Our chief winemaker Jean-Pierre Rodet first made wine under the guidance of Jules Chauvet, the famous winemaker recognised as the “father” of the natural wine movement. Crafted with absolutely no addition of sulphite, RIFT 71 expresses itself with a generous mouth and fresh notes of candied ginger.

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Formed over 200 million years ago, the hills of the Mâconnais form the vineyard’s playground of RIFT 71. Grapes of Chardonnay draw its typicity from a terroir of divers and old origins and composition.

RIFT 71 is crafted with absolutely no addition of sulphite from harvesting to bottling. Maturing is in stainless steel vats over fine lees protected from oxygen feeds. This specific winemaking confers RIFT 71 pleasantly surprising aromas for this Chardonnay from the Mâconnais. Intriguing and entancing notes in comparison with the usual expressions of the Mâconnais white wines.